Camp Loy White

Hand In Hand Teens Encountered Christ (HIH - TEC) has been using Camp Loy White for many years! It is a beautiful camp that allows the organization to escape from the world for a fews days, a couple times throughout the year. We have included pictures of the camp, in hopes that it would provide more information to people who are interested in attending a TEC weekend. If there are any questions, please contact us using the button at the bottom of the page.

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Above is a beautiful outdoor chapel, which overlooks a lake that is located on the camp property. TEC tries to use this chapel as much as possible, with the weather permitting.

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Above is the main dining / lodging facility at the camp. There is also a chapel on the ground level, which TEC uses very frequently.

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Above is another multi-purpose facility that TEC uses frequently, throughout the TEC weekends.

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Above is the lake located on the camp property. The outdoor chapel is located behind the wooded area and overlooks this lake.

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